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4 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. My family and I had the opportunity to be guided by Jim at the Silver Salmon Creek Lodge at the end of August. We came to the lodge to see brown bears and left Alaska knowing that with Jim you won’t just see bears, but will experience them. Getting closer to bears than I would have ever imagined, I never once felt that my family was ever in danger. While I left wishing I had spent more time at the lodge, I know now more about brown bear behaviors and habits than in my previous 64 years. Thank you Jim for the experiences. We took hundreds of pictures but our memories will be unforgettable… though our pictures, including the fox pups, are unbelievable.


  2. Seeing bears through Jim’s eyes while observing them in an up close and personal manner will change your appreciation for these magnificent and oft misunderstood creatures. Jim’s passion is contagious. His calm demeanor and engaging personality make you feel comfortable throughout the entire, unforgettable journey. I can’t wait to get back into the field with Jim again to learn more about these amazing animals. It’s a wildlife experience like no other.


  3. We saw our first bear just a few minutes after landing. “Want to check her out?” he asked, after which we walked towards her. Never approach a bear, that’s what we had been reading all over, but Jim knows his way when it comes to these creatures. So there we stood, just watching her grazing. She wasn’t bothered by our presence and Jim told us that that was because we gave her the space she needed to feel safe.

    After checking in at Silver Salmon Creek Lodge we went looking for more bears. In total we had seen 8 of them that day and closer than we had ever imagined possible. Approaching bears is something you should never try on your own, but Jim tells you exactly what (not) to do. Although we trembled sometimes because of the amazing experience, we always felt comfortable. Jim even took us into the woods to show us some of the things you normally don’t see, like what their “homes” look like and how they communicate by scratching themselves against a tree. He told us that the hiking trail we walked upon was made by bears, not humans. Incredible!

    Jim’s enthusiasm and interest for these animals makes it that he turns a trip into an unforgettable experience. There is no question you can come up with that he won’t be able to answer. He’s truly a bear walker and gives you the opportunity to experience what that is like …


  4. Jim was a guide on one of the best wildlife expeditions of my life. Throughout the encounters we were able to release fear in favor of wonder. Having a knowledgeable bear guide allows you to focus on the experience and observing and photographing these amazing animals in safety. Jim’s scientific knowledge of bears made the encounters even more rich as I came away with a much deeper understanding of these animals and their habitat.


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