Great Links

Here is a list of websites for various topics of interest that I’ll continue to enhance as time goes on.  I’ll try to include a short explanation of each one as I put them up.  Stay tuned!  An awesome site with tons of resources and information about human/bear conflict and coexisting with bears.  You can get lost in here, exploring topics from bear-proof trashcans to establishing your own ‘bear smart’ community.  Take a look!  This website, built by David Mattson, PhD, is an extraordinary wealth of information about grizzly bears in North America.  It represents an entire lifetime of knowledge and experience, much of which is transferrable to different species and locations.  It is DEFINITELY worth a good, long, look.  Kindred spirits!  These folks are researchers and guides that perform and fund original research about bears in British Columbia, Canada…but let their site provide a much better explanation.  The Great Bear Foundation.  Committed to research, conservation, and education about the 8 species of bears in the world, this nonprofit is actively involved in research as well as ‘educational ecotourism’.  Their workshops allow people to learn about bears and their habitats during multi-day field trips.  Great friends!!  Natural Habitat Adventures.  A premier wildlife adventure company, NatHab leads expeditions all over the world to explore more than most can achieve in a lifetime.  I’m fortunate to be part of the NatHab team, so sign up for a trip, and maybe I’ll see you there!  This is the lodge that I work very closely with during my research season in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.  I also used to work for them as a guide until I transitioned to research.  They are great people, wonderful hosts, and provide a stellar experience!