Bear Viewing

She stills our hearts and captivates our minds.  In awe we watch, and with a mere glance from those knowing, wild eyes, our souls tremble like her grizzled hairs in the Alaskan wind.


Whether you laugh, cry, or tremble in the presence of bears, being with them is an exciting and life-changing experience.

Several years ago I began a search that would lead me down a path that I believed to be unique: a wildlife guide and researcher.  At that time my knowledge of bears was in its infancy.  I read a few books and articles, contacted a few professionals, and took a course in bear guiding & safety.  When I was hired for my first bear-viewing job, it didn’t take me long to become very interested in bear behavior, and in particular how they communicate.  So began my quest to better understand them, and in turn, make me a better guide.  Needless to say, I fell in love with bears.

Now, years later, I still hold onto my appreciation for the hardships that bears endure.  I continue to marvel at their intelligence, problem-solving skills, determination, and perseverance.  What some may see as a ‘lazy bear’ I see as a master of energy conservation.  More than any photographic experience, I hope to share this passion with my guests.

Whether guides or guests, we are lucky to spend up to about 14 hours per day with bears, which means we get to see many different aspects of a bear’s life.  Not only does this provide amazing photographic opportunities, it also allows us to learn an overwhelming amount about them.  We can observe things that virtually no other scientists can observe.  For me, that means always having the video camera running to record behavior and vocalizations, all the while making sure that everybody is safe and relatively stress-free.  Keep reading to learn more about the how, why, and where I do what I do.  And as always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  Hopefully I’ll see you soon!